If you are looking for a real estate agent, you may think it will be easy. After all, there likely will seem to be no shortage of them. But, it’s not quite as easy as it might seem. If you have hired an agent before, you know there is more to it than just picking the first one whose sign you see. If you are looking for a real estate agent in Kamloops or Tobiano area, here are a few tips to finding a great agent. 

Get Referrals From Your Network

The best place to start is close to home. Ask your friends and family, and even your neighbours who have used a Kamloops real estate agent recently. Have some questions ready to ask and see if it sounds like someone you would be interested in.  Make sure you ask if they liked them, if they would recommend them, and would they hire them again. Just because there may be something they don’t like about them doesn’t mean it’s a dealbreaker for you.

Research Potential Candidates

Once you have a few names, start your own research on them. Check out their website, look for reviews on and off the main site. Read the reviews and see if there is a common thread that people talk about, like great communication, good listening skills etc. 

Interview at Least Three Kamloops Real Estate Agents

When you have done your own homework, you want to talk to a few real estate agents. Make sure you choose a few to talk to and no less than three. This will allow you a few more options. Have questions prepared but also be prepared to listen. They can tell you a lot about themselves, their values, and work ethic without being very specific. Try to keep an open mind and get a real feel for the person.

Look For Strong Core Values

When you start your search for a Kamloops real estate agent, you will find no shortage. A lot of people take the real estate exam for many reasons. Many of them do it thinking it’s a fast way to make money. The agent you want should want what you want. They should be willing to help you and not cut corners or pressure you to buy something that you really don’t want. 

Make Sure You and Your Agent Have a Connection

You are not looking for a friend, you are looking for a great real estate agent that you can depend on and trust. But you do want to get along. You are going to be spending a lot of time together so you need to feel comfortable, feel like you can ask them questions and expect an honest answer, and not be uncomfortable or irritated by them.

Choose Someone With a Good Reputation

This can cover a lot of ground. Each person that has worked with this particular agent will have a differing opinion. Just because they won top seller last month doesn’t make them a great agent. Look for things like:

  • Shows up on time
  • Their attention is on the task at hand
  • Not always on their phone
  • They listen
  • Help other agents

They should be well-liked in the community. Kamloops and Tobiano are not that big, so word will get around. Don’t be afraid to ask hard questions when you are interviewing agents.

Your Agent Should be an Expert on the Local Real Estate Market

This may seem obvious, but there is a lot to know and the real estate market is always changing. What was available yesterday may be already gone. Prices, developers, interest rates, and more. When you ask a question, they should have the answer or make an effort to find out. It all comes down to being knowledgeable and knowing where to find the answers they don’t have. 

When it comes to finding a Tobiano real estate agent, they need to know the history of the project, the design guidelines for the community and the ins and outs of owning in a resort-style neighbourhood. Just because a real estate agent does a lot of business in Kamloops does not guarantee that they understand buying and selling real estate at Tobiano.

Pick an Agent Who Picks up the Phone

While you don’t expect to be their only client, you do need them to be in contact. Not everyone has the luxury of extended time to find a Kamloops property for sale. Communication and staying in touch with each other builds trust and ensures the entire process goes smoothly and as easily as possible. You don’t want to continually get their voicemail, as the most successful realtors have great communication skills will make every effort to answer the phone.

Your Agent Should Have a Solid Plan

After you meet with your Kamloops real estate agent, they should be able to let you know what will be happening step by step through the buying and/or selling process. They should already know the property values available in the areas that you want and the going prices. If you have a Kamloops property for sale, your realtor should be able to share what their marketing strategy will be to sell your home. Come prepared with a list of questions to ask before you meet so that you do not forget anything important. 

Look For Passion, Conviction, And Honesty

Almost everyone understands the real estate lingo, but you should expect more than that. A fixer-upper doesn’t tell you that the plumbing needs to be replaced. The best real estate agent has your needs in mind. They want to go that extra mile to find you your dream home and they know how to do it. They want to show you everything that is available and they don’t pressure you. They will listen and play devils advocate to help make sure you have thought of each situation from every angle. 

Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

If you have never had to hire a real estate agent before, it can be a bit overwhelming. Part of their job is to make the whole process easier for you. They should be trained, experienced, and knowledgeable. Take your time, ask some questions and get to know them before you embark on the house hunting journey together. 


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