Kamloops Real Estate Stats: November 2021 vs. November 2020

November was another very strong market for the Kamloops area. On the single-family side, we saw an increase in units sold of 5.9% from the same month a year ago and a total of 24.5% increase year to date. The average price for single-family homes across the market was up 20% to $713,326.00. This is a huge increase. We are 24% year to date higher than last year. One of the most interesting numbers to look at is the fact that our total year to date residential sales is up 57% to $1.965 BILLION. That's Billion with a capital B. 

With the closure of all major highways to non-essential vehicular travel to the coast I anticipated a slow down in sales volumes but it…

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3 Costly Mistakes that Sellers Make

When selling your home you will need to be aware of at least three common mistakes that sellers make when listing their home for sale. If you are selling, or know someone who is selling, it is important to keep these costly mistakes in mind.

Selling Your Home Mistake #1

The majority of sellers overvalue their own property.

What to Do Instead

Listen to the professionals, have an open, honest conversation and look at the statistics. A competent realtor should be able to provide a detailed market evaluation and provide backup to support the valuation. Find out how many homes of similar size, age and situation have sold within the last 1-3 months. This will give you a more realistic idea of where your…

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