kamloops property for sale

Congratulations on buying your home! Through all of the excitement of getting ready to move into your new home there is still work to be done before you move in. Here is a list of the things I always tell my clients to do in order to be ready for move in day:

Contact Your Lawyer or Notary. Your lawyer /notary will do the following:

  • your realtor will send all required paperwork to your lawyer once you have a subject free (firm) transaction
  • prepare a statement of adjustments - account for any expenses paid up to the closing point, in case of a rental property your lawyer will account for deposits collected, rental income adjustments, property taxes and city utilities
  • co-ordinate any mortgage documents that need to be signed
  • arrange…

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Congratulations on selling your home!

It is a great feeling for sellers to have a firm offer on their home but there is still much work to be done before closing day. Here is a list of things I always tell my clients to do in order to be ready to meet their obligations for closing. 

Contact Your Lawyer or Notary.

Your lawyer /notary will do the following:signing documents

  • check the documents prepared by the buyer’s lawyer and explain them to you
  • ensure that your old mortgage has been properly discharged, if this is required
  • confirm that all payments for which you are responsible have been made
  • arrange for you to sign the transfer documents
  • prepare a statement for you outlining where all the purchase money was disbursed and give you the net…

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valleyview school in kamloops

For the past three years Kamloops has set successive building permit value records and 2020 is shaping up to be just as robust.

According to the latest building permit report, the city issued $10.3 million worth of building permits in February, compared to $6.5 million in the same month last year. That is an increase of $3.8 million. Two big projects were the driving force responsible for that major increase. One is an industrial permit that was issued to Canadian Linen in Dallas which was worth $1.9 million. The second was a site-servicing permit work $1 million for the Valleyview Secondary School expansion.

The site-servicing permit will include ground work and excavation, drainage and retaining walls for the new addition to the school. The…

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